76 Pounds Fall Off Woman’s Belly….

by Kristina Wilds, Founder, Wellness Life Science


Have you heard the story Rebecca Burgin Mullican?

She lost 76 pounds in 11 months Following The Truth About Fats program.

A weight loss program that helps you reduce weight by eating MORE fatty foods.

Here’s what she said … (picture below!)

“On the right is me 76 pounds lighter than the left. 65 of those pounds came off on The Truth About Fats in 11 months. It is now my lifestyle for the rest of my life. I am working on losing 20 more pounds but am so happy, as  my health is better than it has been in years. I can now enjoy playing with my grandchildren and they can enjoy me!”

— Incredible right?

So why am I sharing this story with you?

It’s simple. Since you’re reading this post, it’s safe to say I know something about you.

There is a special reason why you want to lose weight. It might be because you want to play with your grandkids. It may be that you want to live to see them graduate?

Or, if you don’t have kids maybe you want to be more active, to be with that one special partner?

Whatever YOUR special reason is, tapping into it can be a wonderful source of power.

And when you harness it, it can make your weight loss transformation happen so much faster and easier.

One way to do this…

is to take a picture from the internet or a magazine, of someone with a similar body shape to yourself. Someone who has reached the weight you want to reach.

And place that image on your fridge so you see it everyday, before you eat.

So that every time you reach into your fridge you can ask yourself…

“Will eating this food bring me closer to the body I want…  or away from it?”

As the saying goes, where your FOCUS goes ENERGY flows.

By keeping your weight loss and health goal at the forefront of your mind. It will help keep you on your path.

It’s a simple technique. I know. But remember, little habits turn into BIG results!

So why not give it a try?

It could make the WORLD of difference.

Thanks reading!

Your friend

Kristina Wilds

Global Health Researcher

Creator of the Truth About Fats Program.