Are You Getting Enough Oxygen?

by Kristina Wilds, Founder, Wellness Life Science

Oxygen is the source of life.

save-oxygen_f1s8ypuoAll plants, animals & humans need oxygen to survive.

Literally, it is the foundation of healthy living and long life.

Here’s the problem though…

There is a good chance you’re NOT getting enough oxygen for your body.

And that this oxygen deficiency is likely causing you to lose energy, slowing down your immune system, and…

Increasing your risk to contracting illness & disease.

Let me explain why I say that.

Over the process of the last couple thousand years, our modern world has affected the level of oxygen in the atmosphere.

The impact of globalisation such as cutting down of trees (deforestation), fewer parks in major cities,

and adding of pollution through the growth of manufacturing plants, factories etc., has meant oxygen levels have declined as much as 30%.

And even if you live out in the countryside, you may still not be getting enough oxygen.

This is because most people have been deconditioned and do not possess enough lung power.

Basically, the less of the lungs you use, the more they shrink.

This can lead to a deficiency in oxygen

Lack of oxygen in your system may lead to a number of negative effects, including association with all kinds of chronic diseases, like diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

Your brain may not work as well, your heart will lose strength, and circulation slows down.

The cells in your body are designed to burn oxygen in order to provide basic fuel for cell metabolism.

Oxygen deficit means these cellular processes become slower.

Symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue & tiredness, and reduced DNA repair.

Boosting your oxygen levels (also known as oxygen therapy) is needed to reverse these effects.

Boost in oxygen levels have the following benefits, amongst others:benefits-key-means-advantage-or-reward_fjkeimw_

  • Help treat diabetic foot, skin grafts & burns, treat neurological diseases
  • Revive headaches & painful migraines
  • Reduction in oxidation stress & inflammation, and even
  • Mobilize sleeping stem cells

Here are 4 simple ways you can boost your body’s oxygen levels and obtain a lot of these benefits.

4 Simple Ways To Boost Your Body’s Oxygen Levels

1) Breathe deeply regularly.

A powerful yet easy way to obtain the healing benefits of oxygen is to practice breathing deeply

You can do this whilst either sitting or lying down.dm_03242016_0257

Place your hands on your stomach area as you inhale, and feel it expand. Then expand our breath into the sides of your lower chest pushing your side ribs out.

Finally, lift your upper chest and let it fill with air. Exhale in the same order, from your abdomen to your ribs to your upper chest.

Start with 5 minutes a day and work up to 15 minutes.

In no time at all, you’ll be boosting your oxygen throughout the day without even thinking.

2) Keep your windows open.

Oxygen comes in great supply when fresh air is circulating.

‘Stale’ air hinders this process, so whether you’re at home or at the office, get that window opened so that constant renewed air fills the area.ta-03282016-i20130418-img_2310

If you stay in an area that is contaminated with air pollution such as smoke, fumes, smog within the environment, you’ll need to consider getting a good air filtration system.

3) Keep house plants.

ta-03282016-i20130418-img_2281Boost your house’s oxygen levels by keeping lots of green potted plants inside.

They consistently pump out fresh oxygen in your home, whilst sucking out in the carbon dioxide.

Some good plants to have include Spider plants, English Ivy and heartleaf philodendron.

Fun fact: NASA uses green pot plants in their Space Stations to filter out toxins in the air such as benzene & formaldehyde, whilst getting fresh oxygen pumped into the air.

 4) Consume Ginkgo Biloba.

 Ginkgo Biloba helps treat blood circulation related problems.ginkgo-biloba_mkt_sm5u

Your blood transports oxygen in and around your body through the protein inside the red blood cells.

So for example, if blood can’t reach the limbs, like your arms, legs, toes & fingers, they don’t get enough oxygen transported to them.

This can lead to pain and weakness.

And your bodily functions do not work optimally.

Ginkgo biloba will help increase the amount of oxygen that reaches the body’s limbs.ginkgo-biloba_mjyfi7qu

According to research studies, Ginkgo biloba helps increase the distance patients with poor circulation can walk without pain.

It is recommended to take 100 mg three times a day. (Of course, consult with your local doctor before any medical prescriptions you take.)



 It is clear that Oxygen is the basis of life.

And while everyone knows we need it to survive, it is very possible that your lifestyle is inhibiting you to get enough oxygen for your body.

We have evolved over the years, and the cutting of trees due to globalisation..

…as well as increase in air pollution in major cities, has brought about the risk of oxygen deficiency intake.

Knowing how protect yourself from the harmful effects of this oxygen deficit is critical.

There are number of simple ways to ensure you boost your oxygen intake safely

Some next steps you need to take:

  • Begin to practice breathing air in deeply. Schedule definite times when you’re by yourself to inhale & exhale. This could be a few seconds before you sit down & work each day, or during breaks whilst taking a walk.
  • Keep home & work well-ventilated. Crack windows open to allow fresh air circulating throughout the day
  • Seek out oxygen supplements. Ginkgo biloba is a good one. It helps increase oxygen levels to critical bodily functions.

Living a clean, oxygen-filled lifestyle is one of the best ways to your longevity & well-being.

P.S. I’ve realised that the lack of oxygen is both crippling & devastating to your body. For most people who don’t understand this, they continue to put themselves at risk of chronic illnesses such diabetes, lung shrinkage & pain.