Great News For Yogurt Fans

by Kristina Wilds, Founder, Wellness Life Science

There’s great news out about yogurt.  It’s especially good if you’re a yogurt fan like me.

If you’ve paid close attention to some of my writing, then you know I recommend yogurt.  But I’m NOT talking about the zero fat, full of sugar, Frankenstein stuff.

I recommend a very specific type of yogurt.  I’ll show you which ones in a moment.

But first, the good news…

A new study found that eating more than 2 servings of yogurt a week lowered heart attack risk for men by 19%.  And for women by a whopping 30%!

Not only that, but women lowered their risk of stroke by 17% – and men by 21%.

All that just from eating yogurt.

I don’t know about you, but I love yogurt.  And it’s great that it’s so healthy for us too.

And this study was properly done.  It spanned 30 years, so there’s a good chance it’s accurate.

Now, I’m NOT at all surprised that yogurt is great for you.  But I am surprised to learn how effective it is on its own – with none of the other dietary changes I normally recommend.

Bottom line?

Eat more yogurt.  But as I said earlier, not the nasty stuff filled with dyes, sugar, and other garbage.

Instead, I recommend the full-fat Greek stuff.  It’s got zero carbs and zero sugar.  It’s yogurt the way it should be.

If you were surprised to learn this about full-fat yogurt, then take a look at some of the other foods I recommend.  It’ll shock you even more that these foods are healthy.