Had a CHEAT DAY? Here’s an 8 word fix…

by Kristina Wilds, Founder, Wellness Life Science

Let’s face it. Sometimes we ALL mess up.

You have a doughnut. Or some pasta and you think..

“Oh no, I’ve blown it!

I’ve ruined EVERYTHING!

I knew I couldn’t do it!

You start feeling guilty…

Start thinking you’ve “failed”.

And,  if you let these negative thoughts

continue for too long…

It leads to you saying outrageous things like …

“You know what? I’m BORN TO BE FAT.”

Or…  I’ll NEVER lose weight.”

I’ve seen it happen SO MANY times. With so many people!

But you know what?  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Next time you have a piece of candy or a cheat meal..

Here’s a great TIP to help you move on.  It’s pretty simple.

Repeat these 8 little magic words to yourself:

“My next meal will be a TAF Meal.”

That’s it.

In other words, you fall down then you get back up.

Because remember, we ALL fall short at times and that’s OK.

A perfect example is my client Amy…

She’s was also following The Truth About Fats Program.

And was doing great!

She’d lost 17lbs and was looking and feeling fantastic.

But then she went through a very sad, very heartbreaking break-up.

And let’s face it, we all go through these times in our lives too.

She was so upset that one evening she ordered a pizza, and ate it.

Not the WHOLE thing…

A couple of slices. But still, she felt so GUILTY.

But she didn’t need to be!

All those emotions, her sadness, her grief, her loneliness affected her decision making.

These things happen, as we’re all human.

But what she DID do that was positive, was that she didn’t let her ‘cheat meal’ derail her. The next morning, she had her TAF breakfast, her miracle morning brew. And didn’t even miss a beat. She got right back on the horse so to speak.

And that’s what YOU can do too.

If you “slip up” or have a cheat day.

Always remember those 8 magic words:

“My next meal will be a TAF Meal.”

And you will get the weight loss you desire!

Thanks for reading!

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Talk to you soon.

Your friend

Kristina Wilds

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