Here’s what to order at restaurants…

by Kristina Wilds, Founder, Wellness Life Science


Thank you for being a valued member of the Truth About Fats family.

Welcome to this week’s tip on how to get the best results with Truth About Fats System.

Today we’ll tackle another important topic: eating out

Most people love going out to restaurants at least once a week. And most people completely blow their weight loss program by making poor choices at restaurants.

But that doesn’t have to be you. It’s actually quite simple to enjoy a meal at a restaurant and still stay on track with the Truth About Fats System. That’s the beauty of TAF. It’s flexible.

Here’s the simple secret: know what you’re going to order in advance

In other words, have a “go to” meal or meals in mind before you ever sit down at the table. It’s even easier than it sounds. If you know the restaurant, you probably already know the menu. And if not, most restaurants have their menus online. And you could always do the old fashioned thing and call them!

By know you know the basics of the TAF System. Eat mostly healthy fats, with some protein, and a few carbs.

Let me give you some tips for certain types of restaurants:

1) Italian Food

Most Italian restaurants have a Mediterranean sea bass called Bronzini. It’s fantastic!

You can order the Bronzini with steamed vegetables and ask for extra olive oil or butter on the side.

If you’re not in the mood for fish, most Italian restaurants also serve chicken picante or chicken piccata or even veal.

As long as you stick with a healthy source of protein and vegetables, you’ll be fine.

Simple. Tastes great. And most importantly keeps you on track with the TAF System.

2) Asian Food

I love Asian food. I avoid the sushi because it’s wrapped in rice. But the sushimi is perfect!

You can order tuna, yellow tail, eel, or any other fish that is pure protein.

Another great option is the chicken lettuce wraps sometimes Thai chicken lettuce wraps. Lettuce wraps are becoming very popular. Perhaps everyone is catching on to TAF!

3) American Food

The best thing to order is a burger with extra bacon, extra cheese, and no bun. And add a side salad with ranch, blue cheese, or olive oil.

Don’t be afraid to order the burger without a bun. Restaurants are used to taking special orders for people with diabetes or food allergies like gluten.

If you go to another type of restaurant, just remember the basic idea: a source of healthy protein + fat + a salad or steamed vegetables. Jot it down in your cell phone if you need to. It’s really very simple.

Sticking to this simple plan can also help you get through “tough” days because you can’t be as motivated as Tony Robbins every day! Even I feel less motivated than usual sometimes.

Remember this idea helps me stick to the TAF lifestyle. I’m confident it will help you too.

I’ll be back next week with another tip to help you achieve the results you deserve.

To Your Good Health,