How to Make Your Brain 11 Years Younger

by Kristina Wilds, Founder, Wellness Life Science

If you’re like me and you worry about those brain-fog moments that seem to happen more and more as we get older …

Then listen to the surprising brain-health information that’s just came out in a new study last month. This study was published in the journal Neurology, so it’s no joke.

Now, there’s good news and bad news in the study. Let me give you the lowdown…

This study followed 960 people for close to 5 years.  5 years is a long time for studies like these.  And that timeline makes the results much more accurate.

Over the 5 years, the researchers asked people to eat more of a particular type of food.  I’ll tell you which foods they are in a moment.

When the researchers started out, they figured that this food type would do the test subjects some good.  But what they found when the final results came in, 5 years later, astonished them.

The research proves that the people who ate just 1.3 servings of this food a day had slower mental decline.

In other words, their brains stayed healthier.

In fact, the group that ate 1.3 servings a day of this food had brains that were 11 years younger than people the same age who didn’t eat the food.

Who doesn’t want a brain that’s 11 years younger!  That’s like being 50 and having the brain of a 39 year-old.   Yes, please!

Those are fantastic results.  But when I first saw the study, I was worried.  I mean, if the food wasn’t friendly to the only eating plan I recommend to my clients, it wouldn’t do us any good.

But I shouldn’t have worried.  There’s a good chance that if real research shows a food is good for you, it’s probably one of the ones I recommend too.

So, that’s the good news.  Eat 1.3 servings of this food every day and get a brain 11 years younger.

What’s the bad news?  Well, for some, it’s what the food is.  We’re talking about green, leafy vegetables like spinach and kale.

It’s not really bad news.  For me, it’s great news.  I love spinach!  And 3 cups of spinach only has about 1.3 net grams of carbs.  So, it’s very friendly to my eating plan.  

But many of my clients don’t like to eat green, leafy vegetables. Or even if they do like them, they forget to eat them.  They focus on other great foods that they like better.  Which I understand.  But veggies are important too!

So, think of me as a friendly momma bear reminding you to eat your spinach.

At least now you know why though.  You already know that spinach will give you a ton of vitamins and minerals…

But now you know it’ll shave 11 years off your brain too.

Me?  I’m off to have a spinach salad – with bacon and egg too.  

Here’s to making our brains younger,

Kristina Wilds